REAL WORLD INBOX: “I feel like for the first time I want to confront my own issues with sex, and my own sexual health”

2 min readNov 19, 2019

This amazing email from a MakeLoveNotPorn member (man) demonstrates how has the power to do something extraordinary: change people’s sexual attitudes and behavior. This is what we mean by changing the world through sex!

‘So usually when people give feedback they say “I don’t normally do this..” This is actually true in a sense for me to write an actual email & I apologize if I may be long. I found out about your website via a story on I have been an avid reader of playboy for almost 15 years now. I’m 35 years old, and also very single straight male. I am now working at a factory in a very small town in <redacted > (Background info felt like I needed to share bare with me here) As I have gotten older the one thing I felt that I have been missing is some type of connection when viewing porn. My habits have always been go to Pornhub search a video boom done. That changed when I was watching one of the videos on here. I don’t think I have ever seen something that I was taken back by. It was intimate, it was two people you saw actual connection with. It made me question my own viewing habits right now. Which is a good thing I feel in terms of growth. I also feel the need to speak about the need for males like myself to talk about how they feel. I feel like for the first time I want to confront my own issues with sex, and my own sexual health. Which in all honesty is not good at all. Dating has been non existent for years. Mainly due to me being so busy for most of my life with working 3 jobs to survive that I never really got a chance like I do now to try to understand why.

All of this came about with your website. I am very grateful to kind of start a new journey here. To try to understand myself more. I want to thank you guys for this. I feel like this kind of been a nice wake up call. Thanks again.’