Q&A With MapleSyrup

2 min readMay 5, 2023

On what it’s really like being a MakeLoveNotPornstar — and bringing your partner into the Social Sex Revolution.

One of the many great things about being part of the MakeLoveNotPorn community is that it has normalized speaking openly about sex. The mild embarrassment I once felt when discussing sex, particularly with strangers is fading with each conversation I have. It’s become so normal for me in social settings that I sometimes forget that other people don’t necessarily feel the same way (yet), but I hope that my new found comfort with being both a social and sexual being will put others at ease. I think this is the whole point of Cindy’s #socialsexrevolution. If we can bring conversations about sex to the surface, we can shed shame and experience more pleasure in life. That’s what I’m here for.

My partner and I created a little Q&A where we share our unique experiences as humans who MakeLoveNotPorn. Is it just us, or is having sex in front of a camera less nerve-racking than having a conversation in front of a camera?

On top of normalizing discussions around sex, being a MakeLoveNot Pornstar has highlighted for us that sex and porn are two very different things. Sometimes they overlap and inform each other, but not necessarily. There are many things that exist in #realworldsex that are absent from most mainstream porn. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, sign up for MLNP right now and have a look through the Licktionary!

XO Maple Syrup